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RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator, is not currently affected by the health crisis.

In accordance with its legal obligations, RTE has organised its activity in such a way to ensure the continuity of its public service mission.

RTE has therefore activated its Business Continuity Plan (BCP), from today Monday, March 16. This plan is permanently updated to ensure the management of the transmission system and ensure security of access to the power supply in France. It includes several phases that may be deployed depending on how the situation evolves.

Due to generalised remote working on a national level and to the decline of economic activity related to the epidemic, power consumption is expected to decrease.

RTE will still be able to adjust the generation-consumption balance in real time.

RTE is in permanent contact with electricity generators, transmission system operators of other European countries and the authorities in order to ensure the continuity of access to the French electricity supply over time.

Our teams are ready: the customer service is maintained

Along with all French companies, RTE is contributing to the public health objective of curbing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Moreover, a series of preventive measures have been adopted for RTE employees (strict hygiene measures, travel and meetings halted, teleworking, etc.). This will be reevaluated in real time in accordance the recommendations of the health authorities.

Our market services remain on hand to ensure the continuity of our customer service and to handle your urgent requests across the whole of the territory.

Potential impacts of the health crisis on contracting of connections

Regarding the handling of your connection requests: RTE will continue handling connection requests in electronic format

However, RTE cannot commit to the usual deadlines for the submission of connection offers. RTE’s services will be in touch with project managers to coordinate and submit the connection offer as soon as the situation allows.

Concerning ongoing connection projects, RTE is committed to minimising any impacts. Nevertheless, the health crisis could impact connections as well as installations of our customers. RTE services will inform customers concerned and assess the potential impacts together.

How to contact us

In light of the situation, please send enquiries by email only to our market services and connection department.

To contact your market services:

Please find below the email address to systematically copy into your messages (in addition to your usual contacts).

To contact your Connection Department

For connection requests for generation facilities of over 12 MW, storage facilities and new exempt interconnections, please contact:

Please submit all other connection requests including consumption and distribution facilities to your market services.

For any other requests, please contact:


March 20, 2020