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Access system data used to invoice for the transmission system’s various access components (e.g. injection, extraction, reactive power, contract power overruns, etc.). These data are validated and available from the following day.

Included in your metering fee.
+ You have validated data to check against your invoice.

The service

You have access to active and reactive power load curves, corrected for power losses, which are used for invoicing. These data are calculated from your metering data, by applying the contractual detailed data formula.

The data are validated (erroneous or unavailable data are processed by RTE) and retrieved at 10-minute intervals.

You have three means of access :

  • your data can be received by email,
  • your data can be consulted or downloaded via the Publication Portal,
  • data made available by RTE is automatically retrieved via an application that can connect to our application programming interface (API), available on the Data Portal, and can be displayed on your programmed channels (a website, an application, etc.).


To be eligible for these services, you must :

  • have either a CART contract or a detailed data service contract, or data transmission authorisation from the rights holder on the data,
  • be able to access RTE’s information system (IS).

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