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Daily load curves Downtime of generation resources

For each hour of the day selected, discover the hourly energy generated by the selected production group. Generation data is compiled in H+1 using remote telemetry on the RTE network. This data relates to the net power injected into the network.

France Spot Electricity Exchange Generated power aggregated by sector Production installed capacity Hydraulic stock Schedule of Tempo-type supply offerings Consumption forecast Generation forecast

Access data related to the BRP system: ● Reconstitution of PDS flows ● List of BRPs ● Imbalance settlement prices ● Balancing-imbalances account monthly balance

Balancing Certified capacities registry PP1 and PP2 signals Parameters and market parties of the capacity mechanism Demand response Tender Warning Unavailibility of the transmission network / NTC Impact NEBEF mechanism Demand Response

Scope : Capacities under a compulsory purchase contract exclusively relevant of balance perimeter EDF dedicated to purchased contract and mentioned below EDF-OA.

Balance of exchange programs Cross Border Balancing NTC daily forecast import/export

To ensure market transparency, RTE publishes the availability rates of market services in accordance with the rules on scheduling, the balancing mechanism and recovery of balancing charges.