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The consumption figures* shown in the diagram are taken from real-time measurements of production units. These are raw data, and may be corrected subsequently

The National Control Center (Centre National d'Exploitation du Système - CNES) constantly matches generation with consumers' power needs.

Electricity demand varies throughout the day and seasons. It is represented by a load curve, the forecast of which CNES draws up every day.

CNES makes sure that the generation schedules planned by the various power suppliers meet the total consumption requirements.

The diagram shows the variations in quarter-hourly points :

  • of French power consumption during the current day;
  • of the forecasts estimated on the previous day;
  • of the forecast estimated on the current day and generally published at 2.30 pm

Any differences are mainly due to changes in weather conditions compared with the forecast data (temperature and luminosity).

* Measurement of consumption in France

Knowledge of the consumption of electricity in France in real time is essential for controlling the balance between production and consumption at all times. The quality of this data directly influences the security of the operation of the electricity system.

The measurement in real time of consumption in France is made indirectly using remote measurements available at the power plants of the RPT and RPD, as well as on the interconnection lines with neighbouring countries. It is given by the following formula :

Consumption (including losses) = Generation + Imports - Exports - Pumping

For power stations not measured remotely, fixed amounts of data are added to cover the whole perimeter of the France.

The measurement of consumption in France, made in real time, is then refined at a later stage with the data provided from the meters readings of all the consumers.

The data accessible below show the last five highest values for instantaneous effective power demand in France (excluding Corsica), at the daily peak load.

RTE shall not be held liable for the use that might be made of the data made available, nor for forecasts which might prove to be inaccurate.