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+ The "CART Management" service, accessible via the “My Services” tab on the Service Portal, offers all customers having entered into a CART contract with RTE the opportunity to independently manage their CART settings that have a price impact on the invoicing of access to the transmission system.


This service provides the customer or its third party, for the perimeter(s) on which they are entitled, the following features:

  • Submit single or multiple change requests for subscribed power, tariff version and scheduled one-time overruns;
  • View and manage your current and past requests for  subscribed power, tariff version and scheduled one-time overruns, and load transfer;
  • View the subscribed power and tariff version set for the last 36 months;
  • Managing notification subscriptions;
  • View pre-calculated tariff optimisations, according to the changes resulting from the arrival of the new tariff.

Note the permanent closure of the previous service "Subscribed Power", "Tariff Versions" and "Scheduled One-Time Overruns" of the "Contract Data" service on the Personalised Customer Area (PCA). Nevertheless, the load transfer management features will still be performed on the PCA. However, the load transfers will be viewable from the "CART Management" service on the Service Portal.


If you are your company’s administrator

  • You must have at least one active CART contract with RTE
  • Go to the Service Portal / “CART Management ” Service   

If you are not your company’s administrator


This service is included in your contracts.

Reference documentation

Pour en savoir plus, accédez à la bibliothèque et consultez les documents suivants :

  • Consumer CART (Transmission System Access Contract)
  • Generator CART
  • CART distributor


If you require a subscription, please contact your company’s administrator responsible for managing the Service Portal.

If you require any information, please contact your account manager or RTE's hotline by email: or by phone: 0810 80 50 50.

Additional information