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+ This service provides you with a direct connection to your meter’s pulse outputs without passing through RTE’s digital portals.


  • Generators
  • Distributors
  • Consumers

The service 

RTE natively equips all its metering cabinets with a wired communication interface to allow you to directly access the values measured by your metering installation.

Via the terminal block, you can control your processes, use the data transmitted by the metering installation as you wish or transmit it to a provider of your choice.

The data is delivered on a "terminal block" type interface for your use and through electrical pulses, calibrated by RTE according to your need. Each pulse represents a quantity of energy measured by your meter. The energy value of each pulse is specified in the special conditions of your CART contract.

The measurement is delivered by pulses in accordance with technical standard NF EN 62053-31. The device's time resolution is 10 minutes.

Caution: RTE does not intervene downstream of the customer interface and is not responsible for its use by the customer.


To qualify for this service you must:

  • hold a CART contract;
  • contact your account manager.


Included in the  public transmission system access tariff.

Reference documentation

Technical Reference Documentation:  Chapter 4 – User’s contribution to the performance of the PTS - Article 4.8 – Metering


For any questions, please contact your account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.

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