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RTE is modernising the devices that collect data from your meters via IP (internet protocol): digitisation of these interfaces offers you near-real-time access to your data.

Included in your metering fee.
+ Promote your business on the electricity market and facilitate your partners’ opportunities, while contributing to the supply/demand balance of the electrical system.

The service

Internet Protocol (IP)

This communication interface makes it possible to remotely read the data recorded by your meters. To communicate, these devices are connected directly to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The digitisation of these devices now supports communicating via the Internet (IP metering). This development provides protection against the obsolescence of the PSTN communication system currently in place.

Modernisation work

RTE entrusts the implementation of this service operation (requiring one to several hours of work per metering point) to a service provider. As a guide, this work can normally be completed within four months of your request.

This service operation can impact the availability of metering data: where necessary, missing data are replaced in accordance with contractual provisions (logs, other measurement systems, etc.).

Accessing data via IP metering

IP metering allows you to access your data in near-real time, at 1- or 10-minute intervals. Moreover, you retain local access to your data via the customer terminal.

Following the digitisation of your metering data, your data can no longer be read via the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The data collection tools of your company and your partners (balance responsible entities, suppliers, etc.) must be compatible with the data services linked to the IP network, accessible via API (application programming interface).

RTE modifies the remote reading codes upstream of the service operation, unless you specifically request otherwise. This temporary preventive interruption enables us to ensure that all data users (both internal users and partners) were identified and can anticipate this change.

Within six weeks, RTE provides visibility on the implementation schedule.


To be eligible for this service, you must :

  • have a System Access Contract or a detailed data service contract,
  • ensure that all data users are involved in this change,
  • submit a request to RTE to digitise your metering data or give your consent after being solicited.

The service operation requires :

  • easy access to the metering cabinet for the teams sent out by RTE during the various phases of the operation,
  • implementation of a prevention plan within a timeframe compatible with the schedule for the proposed operation.


  • Producers
  • Distributors
  • Consumers