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+ Do you have any questions about the implementation of the provisions of the law? RTE has set up an FAQ page for you.


The main principles

On days the Supply-Demand Balance comes under strain, the law gives RTE additional levers to guarantee security of supply by maximising the capacities offered, particularly on the balancing mechanism, in order to minimise the resort to load shedding.

The time slots concerned are the time slots indicated as red on the site or “My Ecowatt” application and in the Ecowatt API, corresponding to the time slots where resorting to load shedding will be necessary if all other levers of action are not sufficient.

The risk period has been identified up until 15 April 2023.

The colour of the forecast day will be communicated on D-3 and confirmed : 

  • at 5pm on D-1 for green and orange Ecowatt days
  • at 3pm on D-1 for red Ecowatt days

to provide maximum visibility and allow the settlement of capacities on the market.

Regulatory implementation

The Emergency Measures for the Protection of Purchasing Power Law No. 2022-1158 enacted on August 16, 2022 introduced into the French Energy Code articles L321-17-1 and L321-17-2.

The implementing legislation (decree and order) are being finalised: .

The Decree n° 2022-1539 of 8 December 2022 relating to the Emergency Measures defined in application of articles L. 321-17-1 and L. 321-17-2 of the French Energy Code was published in the French Official Journal on 09 December 2022.

In addition, RTE has set up an FAQ. It is has been drawn up based on the questions asked and is updated regularly.

RTE also provides you with an educational document on the implementation of Article L. 321-17-2 concerning the provision of backup power generators on the balancing mechanism.

Load reduction : an effective means to prevent load shedding and which can lead to a financial gain 

RTE provides you with an educational document on load reduction.