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With a view to ensuring efficient electronic data exchanges in the Electricity Market, ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) has defined a standard to identify parties: the EIC code (Energy Identification Coding).

RTE manages the electricity Local Issuing Office (LIO) which allocates and administrates EIC codes in France.
The RTE local issuing office is aimed at all French parties operating on the electricity market, requesting for EIC code for the first time.
French parties operating in the gas market are turning to GRTgaz which is the gas local issuing office.

If you do not have an EIC code yet, you can apply  >  Fill in the form

To verify that an EIC code has not already been assigned to you, we invite you to consult the register of local EIC codes (tab link above) allocated by RTE, the register of the different local issuing offices and the register of international EIC codes.

This part references all local EIC codes allocated by RTE.

Description of types of codes :

  • X Type (Party) allows to identify System Operators, traders, producers, consumers, power exchanges, grid operators, suppliers, agents, service providers, …
  • Y Type (Area) allows to identify local grids where metering points are situated, market balance areas consisting of a number of local grids, control areas, domain, …
  • Z Type (Measurement Point) allows to identify cross border connections, metering points, settlement or accounting points, PPE, PLIC, …
  • W Type (Resource Object) allows to identify production or consumption resource. Examples : power plant, production unit, generation unit, gas storage, … Excluded network passive elements of network such as lines or transformers.
  • T Type (Tie-line) allows to identify the physical lines that connect adjacent Market (Balance) Areas or internal lines within an area.
  • V Type (Location) allows to identify the physical or logical place of an EIC participant or to identify the IT system. This code can serve to identify the servers for Flow-Based for example.
  • A Type (Substations) allows to identify the substations (stations, passive nodes, ...).

For any further information, you can consult the ENTSO-E website as well as the reference manual : "The energy identification coding scheme (EIC) reference manual".
For the international codes, please refer to the ENTSO-E register.