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+ This service provides you with a device, called a transducer, to measure your electrical quantities in real time: active power, reactive power, current voltage, frequency and phase angles. A turnkey solution to optimise the consumption of your processes.


  • Generators
  • Distributors
  • Consumers

The service

This service allows customers to access additional measurements to the metering data, in real time, in analogue form using a device called a transducer. The electrical quantities are the following:

  • phase-neutral voltages;

  • phase-to-phase voltages;

  • currents (phases and neutral);

  • the active powers of the 3 phases and total;

  • the reactive powers of the 3 phases and total;

  • total apparent power;

  • cosine or angles per phase;

  • frequency.

As part of the service, the customer can subscribe to up to 3 electrical quantities per transducer.

Transducers measure voltages and currents from the measurement transformers and convert them into a continuous signal.  They take a local measurement and allow the medium distance transmission of this measurement via a two-wire connection. They are connected to the secondary windings of the measuring transformers, which are also used for metering. Transducers are installed into the metering cabinet. Except in special cases, up to two transducers can be installed at each metering point.

This service includes provision, installation, wiring, and the configuration and maintenance of the transducer.

NB: The data from a transducer does not substitute the metering data, which is the only data that is authoritative under the metering regulations.


This service requires the signing of an additional services contract. For this, please contact your account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.

To benefit from this measuring transducer service, you must:

  • have measuring transformers with metering winding;

  • have metering installed and read by RTE (the transducer will be installed in the associated metering cabinet);

  • choose 3 output electrical quantities per transducer;

  • subscribe to the service through an additional services contract. The minimum duration of subscription is one year;

  • undertake the isolation of the structure for the facility concerned, if applicable;

  • be present during installation to check that the configuration setting satisfies the need expressed in the additional services contract;

  • provide you with a visualisation device or software for reprocessing signals from transducers, for example for process control.


€225/year per transducer.

€100 per transducer installation is added to this. The installation is free of charge if it is done simultaneously with the renewal of the meters.

The installation takes place within 3 to 6 months following your request.

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Optional Services Contract (2022/04/01 version)

Additional bids


For any question, please contact your account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.