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Become a participant in the evolution of the power system by participating in the consultation within the French Power Transmission System Users' Committee (CURTE)


  • Generators
  • Consumers
  • Distributors
  • Market Participants

The rules for access to the transmission system and electricity markets are constantly changing. You can participate in the consultation held by RTE through the French Power Transmission System Users' Committee (CURTE).

Share your expectations in working groups with stakeholders, customers, system operators, the French Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) and public authorities to ensure the contractual rules evolve with respect to your specific needs. Since its creation in 2000, RTE has chosen transparency and dialogue with its customers, because the electric power system is based on the needs of all parties.

With the increasing share of renewable energies in final energy consumption, the building of a robust and solidarity-based European power system, the harmonisation of European markets and the integration of new uses of electricity (electric vehicles, battery development etc.): the power system is undergoing significant change.

The stages of consultation

As a fundamental step in the evolution of the doctrine of system access and market rules, consultation enables a live exchange with all stakeholders on their issues and expectations. Prior to their entry into force, changes in rules are studied and challenged at different stages:

Where is the consultation held?

The consultation is organised into several commissions that you may participate in depending on your activity:

  • Network access commission (Commission d'accès au réseau CAR): Open to customers connected to the public transmission system, it is dedicated to consultation on all areas of system access (Technical Reference Documentation and associated contracts, connection doctrine, electricity quality, voltage system services, etc.);
  • Market Access Commission (Commission Accès au Marché CAM): Open to market participants and customers connected to the public transmission or distribution system, it is the forum for debate on developments relating to market mechanisms (balance responsibility, balancing mechanism, capacity mechanism, load reductions, etc.);
  • Interconnection Access Operating Commission (Commission pour le fonctionnement de l’accès aux interconnexions CFAI): Open to market participants, it is devoted to consultation on access to French interconnections;
  • The commission on system and network perspectives (Commission perspectives système et réseau CPSR): open to all market participants (including civil society stakeholders), it is in charge of consultation on the long-term evolution of the power system and the development of the transmission system.

Each commission meets several times a year in thematic working groups to discuss current developments.

How to participate

Do you wish to become a participant in the evolution of market rules or system access contracts ? Visit (in French) to request access. is the platform for consultations. It contains:

Dedicated spaces for CAM, CAR and CFAI working groups requiring a private account to access the consultation calendar, working group reports and calls for contributions, as well as online consultations organised by RTE.
A public space for CPSR, giving you access to the calendar of working groups and to ongoing studies.


For any further queries, please contact your usual account manager or the generic email address of the customer service department for your geographical area.