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+ At your request, RTE will take into account any damages suffered by the consumption sites connected to your facility, in addition to compensation for damages suffered by your own facilities.


  • Consumers

The service

At your request, damages suffered by consumption sites connected to your facility will be taken into account, in addition to damages suffered to your own activity, in your compensation claim records.

Consumption sites connected to your facilities can be impacted by disturbances on the transmission system. In the event of direct, current and clear damages arising from works on the public transmission system, we take into account the total amount you have paid to compensate your customers.

Compensation for damages, in the context of a compensation claim record, is conditional on non-compliance with RTE’s commitments under the CART for your site (transmission system access contract), in terms of planned downtime, continuity and quality of electricity supply (number of power outages, cumulative duration of long cuts), or as a result of an error committed by RTE.


To qualify for this additional compensation, you need to:

  • Hold a Consumer CART (Transmission System Access Contract).

  • Subscribe to an Optional Services Contract (2022/04/01 version).

  • Subscribe to the service for a minimum of 3 years.

Consumption sites that you wish to be included must be identified in the contract, be linked technically or legally to your activity, in a limited and continuous geographical area, and must be supplied to a voltage range greater than or equal to the HVA range.

Compensation concerns only direct, current and clear damages suffered for consumption activities (electricity generation activities are not subject to compensation).


Basic rate of 1200 €/year, to which is added 950 €/year per consumption facility connected to your facilities and that you wish to include in this service.


Pour toute demande de souscription ou d’information, veuillez contacter votre interlocuteur commercial privilégié commercial privilégié ou l’adresse email générique du service commercial de votre zone géographique.

Reference document

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Optional Services Contract (2022/04/01 version)

  • CART for consumer customers