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+ RTE is aware of the contribution of power quality to the performance of your site and compensates the consequences of any incidents upstream of your site’s evacuation network.


  • Generators

Our commitments in terms of unscheduled unavailability

The quality of electricity contributes to the performance of your site. RTE guarantees the quality of power supply, carries out the maintenance and repair of the structures of the network so that its generator customers can benefit from optimum continuity of injection of their generation into the electricity grid.

Incidents can still occur. This is why, to limiting their impacts, under the terms of your CART (transmission system access contract) RTE undertakes to:

  • minimise unscheduled unavailability;
  • cover the financial consequences of unscheduled unavailability arising from the upstream network of your generation site’s evacuation network.

Your information in the event of network disruption

RTE provides support, information and transparency when an unscheduled unavailability occurs:

In real time during an incident: the RTE dispatcher informs you of the origin of the unavailability on the network if this can be determined, the time frames for restoration of service etc.

Following this, you will receive:

  • a factual report within 2 business days of the resolution of the incident (except in exceptional cases),
  • annual review summarising all instances of unscheduled unavailability.

Procedure for handling unscheduled unavailability

Unscheduled downtime from the network can have financial consequences for your business. Following unscheduled unavailability on the upstream network, RTE compensates for a total or partial limitation of the evacuation via the balancing mechanism, generally by activating a downward balancing bid. However, for a generation unit subject to a purchase obligation and with no balancing bid, the compensation covers the cost of the energy volume not purchased due to unavailability.

For more information, please refer to your CART contract.

How to benefit from these commitments

These commitments to the quality of power supply are included in your generator CART contract.

To benefit from optimum continuity of your generation’s injection into the grid, you will need to allow RTE to carry out the maintenance and repair of the network equipment contributing to this injection.

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Generator CART


For additional information, please contact your usual account manager  or the generic email address of the customer service department for your geographical area.  

For any requests for the connection of a generation facility to the public transmission system, please contact

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