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+ For industrial sites are sensitive to power quality, RTE provides optional services to constantly monitor power quality, along with a commitment to mitigating voltage dips.


  • Consumers

The Voltage Quality+ (Q+) service consists of:

  • monitoring disruptions to power with the help of a quality measuring tool (installed and managed by RTE);

  • providing you with  factual information within 1 to 5 working days following the disruptions;

  • benefiting from a cross-referenced analysis of the disruptions, to identify their origins over the network and determine their consequences on your facility;

  • committing to a maximum annual number of voltage dips to a standard gauge (depth greater than 30% for more than 400 ms), with possible compensation if the engagement threshold is exceeded (this threshold is reviewed every 3 years and can improve depending on the evolution of the history of voltage dips);
    providing you with an annual report on disruptions.

This cross-referenced analysis will enable a diagnosis, allowing for targeted improvement actions over the network and/or, for your part, the desensitisation of your facilities.

The Top Quality+ service (in French, Sup Quali+) (goes a step further in RTE’s commitment

It is aimed at clients that have attempted the desensitisation of their facility.

RTE proposes an improved commitment, with an additional template, taking into account more voltage dips than in the Q+ standard template: voltage dips whereby the depth exceeds 45% for 20 ms, or 30% for 200 ms, or 20% for 500 ms.

How to subscribe

To get the Q+ solution, you must:

  • Hold a Consumer public transmission network access contract  (CART),
  • Subscribe to an Optional Services Contract (2022/04/01 version).
  • Subscribed to the service for at least 3 years.

To get Top Quality+ service, you must:

  • have been subscribing to the Q+ service for at least 3 years,
  • have obtained an assessment higher than the minimum required level in an independent audit of the desensitisation of your site. (an audit carried out by an independent company).


  • Service Q+: €2265/year per measuring device,
  • Sup Quali+ service: €4000/year of commitment.

The service includes the installation of a quality measurement device to collect the data (intervention provided by RTE within 3 to 6 months following your request).

Access for monitoring your power quality

Online information concerning disruptions, voltage dips and associated commitments can be accessed via your Personalized Customer Area.

Reference documents

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Optional Services Contract (2022/04/01 version)

  • CART for consumer customers


To subscribe the service Q+ ot Sup Quali +, please contact your usual account manager or the generic email address of the customer service department for your geographical area.

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