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All the data proposed by RTE are from the metering installations installed on site and from the calculation formulas attached to the contracts linking RTE to its counterparties. Some data are given as a guide and without following the validation process, in real time. The data used in the invoicing of RTE services or in the certification of market transactions are calculated from data that followed the validation process.

RTE offers an extensive catalogue of "private" and "public" data.

"Private" data

Private data are data related to the services subscribed with RTE, their access being reserved (in accordance with Article R. 341-5 of the French Energy Code, customers have free access to metering data and any other data calculated from these data). Customers can access their private data at any time and at any stage of their lifecycle. They may also grant access rights to third parties of their choice by establishing mandates.

The consultation or download services associated with the "private" data catalogue are accessible via two platforms:

  • The Data Portal for the needs of programmers and users wishing to automate data exchanges with RTE. This service offers a complete catalogue of Application Programming Interfaces (API), which are the symmetric recovery of data published for viewing and downloading on the Service Portal.

The "public" data

Public data are the set of information published by RTE. They are freely accessible via three platforms: The Service Portal, the Data Portal and the ODRE Portal (Open Data Réseaux Energies). These data relate to information on electricity flows as well as information useful to market participants

"Regulatory" data

Public or private, some of the data previously mentioned are termed “regulatory,” because they are regulated by a regulation or code, such as REMIT, e-Transparency, Terms and Conditions relating to Scheduling, the Balancing Mechanism and Recovery of Balancing Charge, etc. Under these regulations, stakeholders including RTE are required to abide by deadlines, completeness and quality of publication in the interests of transparency and quality of service.

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If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or the market services in your area.