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An outage on the Argia-Cantegrit 400 kV line on 28 and 31 March 2019 led RTE to launch a complete diagnostic of this installation.

In order to guarantee the safety of third parties, Rte also immediately reduced the usage (import and export) of the line hence the volume offered on the France-Spain border.

Verifications have been carried out with no service interruptions over the last few weeks. RTE has discovered several weakness points on the Argia-Cantegrit line.

As a consequence, significant maintenance works will be required to prolong its operational life, to ensure the regional supply and to secure the exchange capacity on the Spain-France border.

These maintenance works will not require a permanent shut down of the line. However, they will reduce the capacity in both directions, by one-third of the usual value, until the end of December 2019.

This notice will be shared to all stakeholders.

The full restoration of the Argia-Cantegrit line is RTE’s main short term objective and you will be duly informed of its progress.


11 juillet 2019