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Description of the method for determining the demand curves and elements of transparency.

In accordance with the decision of the DG for Competition of the European Commission on the French capacity mechanism, four calls for tender for new capacities have been open since June 12th 2019 and will close on 12 December 2019.

Capacities eligible for these calls for tender must be qualified as new under the definition foreseen by decree on the capacity mechanism and respect environmental criteria consistent with the objectives of the French Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE).
Potential winners of these calls for tenders will be awarded a contract for difference to secure their capacity revenues for a period of seven years ("contractual period").
The calls for tender organised this year will focus on the following realisation periods: 2020-2026, 2021-2027, 2022-2028 and 2023-2029.

By its deliberation of 14 November 2019, the French Energy Regulatory Authority has approved the demand curves for these calls for tenders and therefore propose to provide transparency on how they are determined:

  • the description of the method for determining the demand curves as well as the key assumptions considered for the power system, detailed by RTE, are available here.
  • elements of transparency on price and volumes of demand curves are specified in the deliberation of the French NRA.


22 november 2019