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RTE plans to offer for sale 200 MW of additional cross-border capacity guarantees for the 2020 delivery year at the EPEX SPOT auction scheduled for 23 September 2021.

Since the 2019 delivery year, the statistical contribution of the various borders to security of supply is "explicit" (except for interconnection capacities with Switzerland), which means that it takes the form of capacity guarantees.

RTE is responsible for selling these cross-border capacity guarantees under the simplified procedure.

For the 2020 delivery year, 6500 MW of cross-border capacity guarantees have already been sold by RTE during the EPEX SPOT auction on 12 December 2019. RTE informs market participants that an additional 200 MW of capacity guarantees will be offered for sale at the EPEX SPOT auction scheduled on 23 September 2021. This volume corresponds to the rebalancing upwards on the Spanish border in view of the import availability rate observed at the end of the year. The certification level for the delivery year 2020 is now 6700 MW and is equivalent to the overall cross-border contribution set out in the Rules. This means that there will be no additional capacity guarantee for sale in this delivery year.

RTE plans to put these guarantees up for sale without a reserve price during the next auction session organised by EPEX SPOT.

In addition, RTE notified on 30 June the result of the calculations of the estimated actual capacity level (ACL) for the 2020 delivery year. At this stage, it appears that a significant volume of capacity has been considered non-compliant and must be the subject of new exchanges at the request of the players concerned. Taking into account the obligation forecasts made by RTE and the pre-estimates submitted by the players, and as already communicated in June and September 2020, an overall deficit of more than 2 GW for this delivery year is possible.


July 08, 2021