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Capacity mechanism – change to the calendar of regulatory deadlines for the 2019 delivery year.

On Monday, 21 February, RTE informed stakeholders that it would not be able to meet the 1 March 2022 deadline, in accordance with the capacity mechanism terms and conditions, for notifying the final obligation values for the 2019 delivery year and therefore that it needs to postpone the auction that was to start on that date.
Following a computer incident, the calculation of the final obligation, carried out by RTE in collaboration with all distribution system operators (DSOs) for the purpose of notification, currently includes an erroneous alignment coefficient of the profiled gradient.  This coefficient, published by RTE on its Service Portal in November 2021, has been used by DSOs for the calculation of the final reference powers of the profiled sites of each obligated party. Due to the impact on the financial settlement of obligated parties concerning the 2019 delivery year, RTE has corrected the profiled gradient coefficient on the Service Portal and will again call on all DSOs for the transmission of the corrected reference powers, a process for which a delay of several weeks is required.
In accordance with our commitments, in agreement with the authorities, in coordination with DSOs and with EPEX SPOT, we therefore inform you that, under exceptional circumstances, the new schedule of regulatory deadlines for the 2019 delivery year will be as follows :

  • Deadline for the provision of obligation and the actual capacity level 2019 : no later than 22/04/22
  • EPEX spot auction : from 18/04/22 to 28/04/22
  • Guarantee transfer deadline : 06/05/2022
  • Deadline for provision of the financial settlement of the capacity adjustment (notification of deviations) : 13/05/2022
  • Deadline for payments of financial settlements : 13/06/2022
  • Deadline for recovery : 26/08/2022
RTE is fully mobilised to ensure that this new schedule is respected.

25 February 2022