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On 30 November 2018, Enedis launched a call for contributions on the use of local flexibilities on the public distribution network in order to manage congestion, in particular, and to avoid network reinforcements.

RTE is responding to this call by providing its own inputs to the network operators and by proposing a market architecture that enables a RTE-GRD coordination appropriate for the needs of the network operators while still protecting the economic interest of the local authority and that of all the stakeholders of the electricity system.

It is important that those actors offering distributed flexibilities (production, withdrawal, storage, etc., connected to the public distribution network) can take part in the management of congestion on the public distribution and transport networks as well as in the mechanisms that contribute to balancing the electricity system. The Clean Energy Package (4th legislative package of the European Commission) proposes regulatory framework for the use of these flexibilities to manage network constraints in a harmonised model. Therefore, all stakeholders of the French electricity system must prepare a model that responds to the requirement of shared visibility between the network operators; this model must also ensure that, when flexibilities are activated for various uses, this is coordinated.

The specification of future activations of local flexibilities is an addition to the existing mechanisms and requires strong coordination between network operators. RTE, which has been assisting the actors of the electricity system in the energy transition at the national and European level, wants to share its experience as part of the call for contributions.  RTE’s contribution notes the framework into which its flexibility needs fit and the issues associated with shared access to these flexibilities, and proposes a framework for cooperation to ensure that the future model can be a joint success for the benefit of the local authority.

Consult the call for contributions.


March 15, 2019