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Consult the outcomes of the interest survey organised by RTE from 12 January to 19 February 2021 on the 4 areas for which the use of flexibilities is envisaged as an alternative solution to adaptations of the electricity transmission network.

The survey and the flexibilities calls for tender

From 12 January to 19 February 2021, RTE organised a survey of interest in 4 areas where flexibilities could be alternative solutions to adaptations of the electricity transmission network.

This survey phase is a prerequisite for the organisation of experimental calls for tenders that RTE will launch from the end of 2021.

It allowed nearly twenty stakeholders, who had expressed their interest in a uniform manner for all the zones, to submit their questions and remarks.

The answers to the questions have been published on the RTE Services portal. Some of the points raised will require further investigation and/or discussion in the coming months.

Next event

A Storage WG is scheduled for 9 April 2021, during which a report on the "survey of interest for experimental calls for tender concerning congestion management" will be made (a user account is required to access the documents).

As a reminder, RTE will rely on the contributions received to the survey to determine, among the 4 candidate zones, those on which calls for tender will be effectively launched.


Any questions regarding this process can be sent to


April 07, 2021