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The service "Register active BRPs" meets the needs of numerous DSOs by making it easier for them to swap reference data, and paving the way for the integration of dynamic data.

TSOs (rank 1 and ranked 2) or their third party authorised representatives will be able to consult the service and send RTE some of the reference data so that the BRE flows can be reconstituted:

  • View details for its system’s active BREs
  • Directly modify information associated with BRE activity across its system (add a BRE, input an end-of-activity date for a BRE, enter a power loss BRE);
  • Access a list of active BREs;
  • View and export BRE activity logs

The creation of this service will mean that Excel spreadsheets no longer need to be shared on a weekly basis between each DSO and RTE. From 11/06/2019, sharing spreadsheets will no longer be accepted.

For any further information, please send your request to (tel.: +33 1 41 66 70 00), or contact your usual account manager.

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May 13, 2019