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The Service Portal now has new improved and expanded features. Watch a video to learn about the features of the new contract document access service (contract parts and annual balance sheets).

Your contract documents are now available for viewing and downloading on the Service Portal !

Discover the new "My Contracts" service on video!

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The “My Contracts” service replaces the former "Contract Documents" and "Annual Balance Sheets" menus of the Personalised Customer Area (PCA).

RTE undertakes to respect a prior notice of 1 month before their closure, effective from 27 October 2021. This gives you time to create an account on the Service Portal, required for the use of this service, and request access to the service from your company’s administrator.

Do you have any questions or are you having trouble using the service? A help page is available to help you get started with this new service.

To learn more about the "My Contracts" service for viewing and downloading your contracts.

For additional queries, please contact your account manager.

For any technical issues, please contact RTE's Customer Hotline by email ( or by phone (0810 80 50 50).


September 27, 2021