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What is a primary administrator?

The primary administrator of a company is responsible for creating and managing user accounts for this company, and for authorising them to access the services.

After creating the account, the primary administrator manages the company's accounts entirely on their own. The administrator may:

  • Add other administrators or users for this company
  • Generate a new account creation request in the event of expiry
  • Unlink an account from a user to restrict their access to this company's data
  • Create user groups for this company
  • Manage access to this company's services for each user group
  • Manage this company's scope of services (connection point or connection points) for each user group

How to declare a primary administrator ?

You must have a contract with RTE; you will also need an Energy Identification Code (EIC code) for your company (the company's unique identifier). For more information about EIC code, please contact your RTE sales representative.

1- Contact your sales representative.

Request access to the Services Portal from your RTE sales representative.

2- You have received a message!

RTE sends an email with an activation link to the administrator you have chosen.

3- The administrator clicks on the link to confirm their registration.

The administrator then chooses a password and agrees to the General Terms of Service. The activation link is valid for three (3) days. If it expires, an other e-mail will be sent in the next 7 days.

4- You now have access to the Portal !

Discover the various services and authorise other users for your company.


Please note: Separate requests must be submitted to gain access to the Services and Data Portals. To access both portals, two requests must be submitted.