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Capacity mechanism data exchanges between actors and RTE are carried out via specific IS applications and according to defined file formats.


RMC Platform users

  • Obligated parties

  • Balance responsible parties

  • Distribution system operators

SFTP Server users

  • Certified entity (CE) holder

  • Distribution system operators

RMC platform

This platform allows obligated parties, balance responsible parties or distribution system operators to upload and retrieve the data files required for calculating obligated party obligation:

  • Upload (data uploaded by the parties).

  • Download (retrieval of data made available by RTE).

As an obligated party, you use this platform to declare capacity exchange notifications for RTE to make them available to the parties concerned on this same platform.

As a balance responsible party, you use this platform to indicate which obligated parties block exchange schedules should be assigned to. The schedules assigned to the parties concerned are made available by RTE on this same platform.  

As a distribution system operator, you use this platform to:

  • submit the reference powers and profiled gradients of obligated parties on your network,
  • retrieve active power values certified by site, capacity exchange notifications declared by the obligated parties, and block exchange schedules for sites on your network.

Access to this secure platform is controlled and requires a PKI certificate:

  • If you already have a PKI certificate installed on your browser or on the server to retrieve the data, but do not have access to the appropriate applications, you simply need updated rights associated with the certificate. Please contact the RTE hotline (0810 80 50 50 or stating the new data that you wish to exchange with RTE.
  • If you do not have a PKI certificate or if the server communicating with the RTE IS does not, fill in the form for access to the IS on the RTE customer service portal. A new certificate will be sent to you.

The RMC tutorial will guide you on how to upload a file on the platform and see whether the file has been accepted or rejected by the platform

SFTP server

This server allows certified capacity holders and distribution system operators to send the data used by RTE to calculate the actual certification level (available power, stock constraints…) and retrieve the data provided by RTE.

You require access in order to use the SFTP server. To request this, send the EIC code and the public IP address of your company by email to

RTE creates the account and allows the IP address to access the server.

The user ID and password are sent to you and you can then upload your data to the SFTP server via a Filezilla-type FTP tool.

The SFTP tutorial will guide you on how to upload a file on the server and see if the file has been accepted or rejected