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What does this accounting service option provide?

This accounting service option is offered to a generator customer having previously subscribed to the “accounting service subscribed to by a hosted generation site” (site producteur en décompte),and which holds a feed in tariff contract for part of the generation.

It is offered to generation sites whose production benefits partly from a feed in tariff contract concluded as follows:

  • either one of the Generation Unit(s) benefits from a feed in tariff contract, whereas the other Generation Unit(s) do not;
  • or a generation unit is entitled to a feed in tariff contract for only part of its generation based on the application of a ratio.

How do I subscribe?

If a ratio[1] is mentioned in your feed in tariff contract, you are required to send this to RTE, putting the Mandatory Purchaser in copy of your notification.Otherwise you need to ask RTE to install RTE meters to enable customisation of energy flows relating to the unit(s) benefiting from a feed in tariff contract.

You are then required to:

  • contract with RTE under the Optional Services Contract (Contrat de Prestations Annexes) the "accounting service: Option H”.
  • accept the CART update proposed by RTE, to take into account the new meters.
  • designate the mandatory purchaser’s balance responsible party for the generation unit(s) in PO, providing an attachment agreement (Annex C7) in accordance with the MA-RE Terms and Conditions (Section 2).
  • inform your site’s balance responsible party of the subscription to the accounting service.
  • designate a scheduling agent for the generation unit(s) in PO, providing an attachment agreement (Annex C6) in accordance with the MA-RE Terms and Conditions (Section 1).
  • if relevant, include the generation unit(s) in a balancing entity (BE) as part of the balancing mechanism.

[1] Applied to the generation of a group in MW.

Note: if you have several feed in tariff contracts for your site’s Generation Units, you subscribe to as many services as required.


To subscribe to this option:

The minimum duration of subscription for the service is one year.

If the service is terminated, RTE shall, at its cost, proceed with the removal of the metering equipment associated with the service previously subscribed to.

Service tariff or fee:

The charges consist of:

  • A fee for management costs on subscription to the service: 3360 Euros.
  • Of a set annual management fee: 360 Euros/year.
  • If applicable, a fee for management costs related to the modification/reconfiguration of the service. This includes the balance responsible party change: 2560 Euros per modification/reconfiguration.

These fees are billed semi-annually.

In addition to this, metering fees are added where relevant, as provided for in the TURPE:

  • Annual metering component HV-B per meter: 3061.92 Euros.

  • This rate is updated annually as of 1 August.

These fees are billed monthly and are included in the monthly invoice of the CART.

Reference documentation


For additional information, please contact your usual account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.