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RTE has continued to work on the analysis of the 400kV Cantegrit – Argia - Hernani line after a first diagnostic phase which led to the July 10th communication.

> July 10th communication.

The continuation of those analysis were necessary in order to precisely clarify the consequences on the exchange capacities between France & Spain, and to optimize the construction work planning so as to minimise the capacities exchange reduction and therefore the market impact.

The current planning foresees, under normal circumstances, works aiming at removing weak points and taking place until November 15th 2019.  Those works do not all require the line to be put fully offline and are as much as possible mutualised with interventions already scheduled. During those works, exchange capacities on the French-Spanish border will remain limited to roughly 1/3 on average of the historical capacity.

At the end of the works, cross-border capacities should rise significantly, although without reaching the level before the incident, due to the deterioration of the cables on the related lines. RTE therefore estimates today that exchange capacities on the French-Spanish border will remain roughly at 90% on average of the historical capacity.

The tables indicates more precisely, for each period, the expected reduction of the baseline capacities on the French-Spanish border vs. the historical ones expected before the incidents.

Important note on capacities mentioned in this communication or in the tables above:

  • Baseline capacities are provided for information purpose, they are calculated based on a full grid assumption,
  • Detailed values hour by hour and taking into account all unavailabilities are updated on a monthly basis (in M-1 for M) and on a weekly basis (S-1 for S) according to the standard capacities publication process. They are available on the Service portal and the Customer portal,
  • Historical capacities correspond to RTE’s vision before the March 28th and 31st, 2019 incidents.


September 04, 2019