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Your public notifications/alerts service is switching to the Customer Service Portal.

For more than two years, RTE has been deploying new digital services incorporating the latest web technologies.
With the aim of providing you with the very latest digital services best suited to your needs, we made the decision to close the Customer Portal 2 years ago.

Using your new space, the Customer Service Portal, you can view data, access manual downloads, receive notifications, or benefit from data flow services on the Data Portal to obtain data published by RTE.

We are pleased to inform you that this switch is coming to an end with the Customer Portal alerts/notifications now switching to the Customer Service Portal.
As of today, you can be notified by email via the Customer Service Portal, for the following information:

  • Downtime of generation resources
  • Unavailibility of the transmission network
  • Information insufficient offers
  • France Spot Electricity Exchange - negative or null prices
  • PP Signals
  • Tempo

To best support you in this migration, two operating procedures are available :

These allow you to subscribe to notifications on the Customer Service Portal (subscription requires setting up an online account), and to unsubscribe to the Customer Portal notifications.

Please note: Customer Portal notifications will be disabled on September 15 2020.

The RTE hotline and your account manager are available to you for support with this migration.

By email:
By phone: 0810 80 50 50

July 23, 2020