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+ RTE informs you, by email and/or text message, when an incident detected on the RTE network may have caused a disturbance to the power supply of your site


  • Consumers

  • Distributors

  • Generators

The service

RTE notifies you when a problem detected on the transmission network may have caused a disruption to the power quality of your site.

These notifications relate to incidents that may generate:

  • power cuts;
  • voltage dips (for consumer customers who have subscribed to the Voltage Quality+ service).

Notifications are generated automatically and sent within minutes of the incident (as a result, the completeness of the information cannot be 100% guaranteed and its content is not contractual; this service does not replace the existing contractual information).

For industrial consumers and distributors, the sending of a notification is based on the inventory of the transmission lines on which incidents have already caused, or could cause, a disturbance to your site’s power supply. Thus, some detected and notified disturbances may not affect your power supply, depending on the network configuration at the time of the incident.

For generators, the sending of a notification is based on the inventory of the evacuation network lines. Thus, some disturbances that have been detected and notified may not affect your evacuation capacity, depending on its level at the time of the incident.

Receiving a notification does not guarantee that the cause of the problem is on the transmission network: a notification can also be sent when a fault on your installation causes a network element to power down.

Accessible to all industrial consumers and since 2020-2021 to local distribution companies and generators, this service is accessible to all industrial consumers and is gradually extended to other customer segments, following testing at pilot sites.

Setting your notifications

You can set your notifications according to preference:

  • Turning notifications on or off
  • Receiving mode (email and/or text message)
  • Selecting delivery times.

The conditions

To qualify for this service, you must:

  • hold a CART contract
  • have a user account on the Customer Service Portal and be attached to a customer company

How do I subscribe?

The subscription request and the service settings are carried out directly on the RTE Services Portal.


  • Incident notification is a free service if you have a CART contract.
  • The extension of notifications of incidents that can generate voltage dips is free of charge if you have subscribed to Voltage Quality+ ancillary service

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Consumer CART template
  • Generator CART template
  • Distributor CART template


For any questions, please contact your usual account manager.

In the event of any service failure, please contact the RTE or 0810 80 50 50.

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