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In order to extract from or inject into the electricity grid, you must designate a balance responsible party

The balance responsible party system ensures the balance of electricity supply and demand. Once your transmission system access contract (CART) has been signed, you then need to sign an agreement for attachment to a balance perimeter (Annex C7 to the MA-RE Terms and Conditions, section 2). This balance responsible party can be your supplier or another market player that has signed a participation agreement with RTE.

The list of balance responsible parties  is available on the RTE customer service portal.

Access the market

Designating a balance responsible party allows you to freely choose your supplier and access the electricity market. Your BRP financially covers within its perimeter any imbalances between injections and extractions at your site.

How to designate or change balance responsible party

You may designate or change BRP at any time by notifying RTE by email using Annex C8 of the MA-RE Terms and Conditions section 2 or via your Personalised Customer Area, sending the attachment agreement of your new balance responsible party (Annex C7 of the MA-RE Terms and Conditions Section 2). The change takes effect the following month (M+1) subject to notification at least 7 days before the end of month M.

Your balance responsible party may also request your site to be removed from its balance perimeter through Annex C9 of the MA-RE Terms and Conditions Section 2. In this case, the change takes effect 2 months later. You then have at least 1 month to designate a new balance responsible party.

You can track all requests for removal / attachment and view the history of the last 14 months on your Personalised Customer Area.

Risk related to removal from the balance perimeter

If during a given period, you do not have a balance responsible party, your site will become its own balance responsible party and will have to sign a participation agreement with RTE and deposit a bank guarantee of a minimum amount of EUR 50.000. You will then be subject to the imbalance settlement price for all your extractions and injections. This situation can put you at a significant financial risk.

If you are experiencing difficulties contracting with a new balance responsible party, we invite you to contact your RTE account manager as soon as possible.

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