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+ Whether you are connected or require connection to the Public Transmission System, you must have a CART contract. Depending on your activity, you sign a generator, consumer or distributor CART. For a new connection, this CART must be completed before the first power on.


  • Consumers

  • Generators

  • Distributors

What is a CART?

The CART contract defines the technical, legal and financial terms of your access to the PTS (in terms of metering, subscribed power, planned service interruptions related to works on the grid and quality of electricity). It provides for the link with the Balance Responsible Party and Scheduling Agent system in accordance with Chapter 1 " Scheduling System" and Chapter 3 "Balance Responsible Party System" of the Market Rules and also specifies the use tariff and the billing arrangements.

Your CART consists of:

  • general conditions that define common terms and conditions for metering, managing subscribed power and service interruption, power quality, liability and payment conditions.
  • special conditions that detail the specific provisions of your site: description of the facilities (connection, metering), commitment to continuity of electricity, determining the billing and metering elements for the balance responsible party system.

In addition to the traditional contract clauses (liability, billing and payment terms, general terms) your contract covers the following main points:


The metering data are remotely-read by RTE and serve as a reference for billing your access to the network and for the energy flow count for the balance responsible party system.

The CART specifies the responsibilities of each party in terms of the metering installations: supply and setup, access, control and maintenance.

It also defines the terms for correcting metering data, for processing them in the event of unavailability of the metering installation and of their provision.

Subscribed power

Your CART establishes rules for applying, setting and modifying subscribed power and the tariff version. It also describes specific billing arrangements for subscribed power overruns.

Quality of electricity supply

Your CART defines RTE's commitments for continuity of supply and quality of the voltage waveform, as well as your commitments to control any disruptions arising from your installations.

Maintenance, renewal, development and repair of the PTS infrastructure.

The network access service may be interrupted to allow maintenance work and development of transmission system infrastructure. RTE is committed to minimising the impact of these interruptions by planning these scheduled operations with you. For any urgent works, which are by nature unpredictable, RTE will inform you as soon as possible of the works and likely duration.

How to implement your CART

To implement your CART, you must firstly have:

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Consumer CART
  • Generator CART
  • Distributor CART


For additional information, please contact your usual account manager or the generic email address of the customer service department for your geographical area.

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